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New at #ASRM2017 - ASRM PosterPlus!

A new feature -exclusively for Posters- 

It's like YouTube for Poster Presentations.

Can't make the Posters Breakfast? You can still hear an explanation of the science behind a poster presentation from the presenter.

  1. Visit the Poster Presentations in the Expo hall 
  2. Look for the QR code on the Poster
  3. Scan the QR code with your phone or tablet
  4. Plug in your headphones and hear the presenter explain their research, download a PDF version of the poster, ask questions and leave comments

Introducing ASRM PosterPlus
Powered by PosterTalks
Supported by Merck 

  • PosterTalks is a complete web and mobile app platform that significantly enhances the poster viewing experience at medical meetings. 
  • PosterTalks provides presenting authors with a simple webbased interface to record dynamic audio and video presentations in addition to their displayed poster. 
  • PosterTalks allows meeting attendees the ability to view these presentations, download or bookmark their favorite presentations, download PDF versions of the posters, ask questions, leave comments, and share presentations with their colleagues all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet. 

PosterTalks Benefits 

  • Provides presenters with an easy-to-use platform to convey more detailed and dynamically highlighted educational content. 
  • Attendees learn more about the content of the poster sessions by accessing enhanced content. 
  • Provides greater learning by using multiple learning modalities. 
  • Increases the impact of the posters. 
  • Facilitates assimilation of information by letting attendees download and bookmark the presentation and download a PDF of the poster for later consideration. 
  • Allows social sharing via Email, Instant Message, Twitter and Facebook. 

How it Works 

  • Poster authors log into the secure PosterTalks website and use a simple browser based recording feature to record their presentation. 
  • They can use PowerPoint slides or the PDF of their poster for the visuals and record their voice using their computer’s built-in microphone. 
  • A PDF version of their poster is uploaded to be made available to meeting attendees. 
  • A shortened URL and QR code will be generated for use on their poster 
  • PosterTalks are also searchable by abstract number, author or title. 
  • PosterTalks are mobile optimized. 
  • PosterTalks can viewed via the custom mobile application or via a mobile web browser. 
  • This new feature does not replace the printed poster nor the requirement for poster authors to attend their assigned Poster Session. PosterTalks is NOT a digital poster. 

More information can be found at:
**Please note: primary authors were emailed login information for
PosterTalks site. Contact jthrash@asrm.org for assistance.**

ASRM PosterPlus
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Do I still need to display my poster at the meeting? YES! This is just an option to provide more information about your poster in your own voice. 
  2. Is this the same as a digital poster? NO! Your regular poster will be displayed on the board. ASRM’s PosterPlus is a link to an online presentation of your poster—a PLUS to your existing poster. 
  3. Do I have to participate? No, but we encourage you to use this platform to connect with the audience in your own voice. Also, you can connect with people who were unable to see you in person during the designated time. 
  4. Is this like an Oral Presentation? No, an oral presentation is 10 minutes with Q&A, while your PosterPlus should only be 1- 2 minutes 
  5. What should I talk about? Discuss the highlights of your work. Was there an unexpected result? Perhaps an anecdote that you’d like to share? The voice-over allows the audience to hear what you’d like to emphasize about your work in addition to what they can read on your poster. 
  6. I can’t find the link to the Presenter’s Guide or Video Tutorial with instructions on how to create a PosterTalk? 
    1. PosterTalks Presenter’s Guide 
    2. PosterTalks Video Tutorial
  7. I can’t access my PosterTalks Account 
    1. Login at: https://www.postertalks.com/user 
    2. Make sure you are using the email address you used to submit your poster presentation for the meeting or conference as your username. 
    3. Make sure the password is correct. Passwords are case sensitive. 
    4. If you still can not access your account, please email us at: admin@postertalks.com 
  8. My poster presentation is not listed in “My Account”.  If your poster presentation is not listed in the “My Account” page after logging into your account, please email us at: admin@postertalks.com so that we can assist you. 
  9. Nothing happens when I click “Start Recording” 
    1. Make sure that pop up windows are not being blocked by the Chrome browser. 
      • Turn pop-ups on or off 
        • On your computer, open Chrome. 
        • At the top right, click More 
        • Click Settings. 
        • At the bottom, click Show advanced settings. 
        • Under "Privacy," click Content settings. 
        • Under "Pop-ups": 
    2. Try clicking “Star Recording” again. If you are still experiencing problems, please email us at admin@postertalks.com so we can assist you. 
  10. I need to re-record my PosterTalk. 
    1. If you need to re-record your presentation, please login to your account and go to the “My Account” page. 
    2. Click on the “edit” button on the right side of the page beside the presentation you need to edit. 
    3. Click on “Start Recording” 
    4. Follow the directions provided in previous communications to complete your recording. 
    5. IMPORTANT: this process will overwrite your previous presentation. Your previous presentation will not be accessible after re-recording.

    I need help! (support)

    Please contact us by email at admin@postertalks.com

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Powered by PosterTalks
Supported by Merck

PosterTalks uses internet and mobile technology to enable authors presenting posters at medical meetings to create multimedia (video/audio) presentations that attendees can access from a mobile device. Poster presenters will be able to upload a short presentation emphasizing the key points of their posters! Look for the QR codes on the participating posters, or click on the link below to search for presentations by keywords.