Audience Response System: ARS

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Answering the Poll Questions 

Attendees can participate by answering polling questions during #ASRM2018 Pre-Congress and Scientific Congress sessions. Those sessions utilizing ARS will have the red ARS logo next to them in the program:

To answer ARS questions, please use your own mobile device and: 

  • Go to the link provided on the screen during the session utilizing ARS (it will look something like When you go to a new room, you must enter the new URL provided for that session. Each room has a unique number (1 through 6) in the provided web link.


  • Text information to the number provided on the screen (something like: “Text: ASRM1 to number 22333”). You will receive a confirmation text that you have joined the session. Then simply respond with the letter of your choice corresponding to your answer for each question. Important: If you leave and go to another room, text LEAVE to exit the session then text the new keyword for the new room. 

Attendees do not need to log in to answer the questions.

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